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Age Restrictions

The minimum age to play at Fireball woodland games is 14 years old. (You will be asked to provide proof of age).

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian that will be responsible for them during the day.

Children under the age of 16 must wear a full face mask during games.

(Age restrictions are in place due to insurance & legal restraints.)


The site chronograph is manned from 9am and will be used to check your guns. All long arms and CO2 pistols must be checked. Random players may be asked to chronograph their guns prior to and during play.

During the game Marshals may chronograph your guns, if you are found to be playing with a ‘hot’ gun, over the site limits, you will be asked to leave the site.


Please see the Woodland page for current prices.


Boots with proper ankle support must be worn by all players. Trainers are considered dangerous as they do not offer adequate support or grip, you may be asked to change them before playing.

FPS and RPS Limits

The woodland site FPS limit is 328fps +10% (with a 0.2gBB); any guns chrono’d over 360fps will not be allowed on site.

Guns will be tested before games start using our own ammunition. Please allow plenty of time to get your guns tested at the start of the day.

It is the player’s responsibility to use guns below these limits as these are what you are agreeing to play with.

We randomly chronograph guns using our own ammunition.

We may call for all guns to be chronographed at any time. Anyone found with guns shooting above the site limits may have to sit the day out and may even be asked not to return to the site.


Our RPS limit is 25 and any gun thought to be higher will be checked and may be checked in-game any guns found firing at a higher rate will be removed from the game and will not be allowed to be used!

Game Start Times

Please try to be on site by 09:00 at the latest, games start at 10:00. Games finish at 16:00 - 16:30.

Woodland games take place on the first Saturday of the month. (Except during January which may be the second Saturday)

Leaving the site

Please note that due to the paintballers finishing at 4:30 this is the earliest we can let you leave site unless you or a family member has a medical or similar emergency. In this instance we can arrange for you to leave.

We do not stop playing because of the weather; we can’t let you off site because you do not like playing in the rain or the cold.

Hiring Guns

Hire guns are available to be booked in advance of a game day. We supply an M4 with TWO x 300 round magazines. Please note that when hiring a gun you sign an agreement that you take responsibility for it. Fireball reserve the right to charge for lost or damaged guns or magazines. (Other than fair wear & tear) Book gun hire here.


Players do not need to become members of the site or team to play at Fireball Squadron.

Fireball team membership is open to all who want to play as part of the Fireball team and would like to help run the site. To become a member of the Fireball Squadron Team you will be required to attend up to 6 games and be mentored by a senior member of the club. You will also be expected to give something back to the club, be it Marshalling duties or help on workdays.

To register for ‘site membership’ under the VCRA, allowing you to RIF’s, you will need to attend Fireball 3 times in not less than 2 months.  See the separate page for more details. VCRA Info


Pyrotechnics can only be used by players over the age of 18.

We sell a range of pyros, Enola Gaye and tlsfx. We also allow other types of pyro but you must get approval before use. 

We do not allow; anything louder than a Mk5,  homemade pyros, Military smokes which are carcinogenic. 

Information regarding BFGs : any bfg that has provided Airsoft insurance documents is allowed 

If you are within 5m of a grenade and without a solid structure between you and it or you are in the same room you are hit.

Tag Rounds

We only allow Timed, Smoke or inert rounds to be used, NO Impact rounds.  Tag rounds are to only ever used as indirect fire or for taking out a objective like a cannon or vehicle.  They are never to be fired directly at players

Two Tone Guns

Any two tone guns must be temporarily covered during games with hessian, scrim or similar. This must be removed at the end of the day.

 HPA Guns

We currently allow HPA Guns to be used, but we do not allow recharging from divers bottles any where on site (including car park), HPA rigs must be set up with tamper proof regulators and this must be set when the gun is chrono'd.   

Some restrictions may be required with ROF, a hosing laser beam of bbs will see ROF limit imposed , same as super high fire AEG

Our RPS limit is now 25 and any gun thought to be higher will be checked and may be checked in-game any guns found firing at a higher rate will be removed from the game and will not be allowed to be used!

 GBB/Co2 Guns

We allow GBB guns and pistols as long as they come under our fps limits on all chrono tests, any Co2 gun must be chrono'd with a fresh bulb inserted in front of the Chrono marshal