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What is Airsoft

Airsoft is similar to paintball but strives to give a more realistic reconstruction of combat situations. 

For this, many players dress up in an appropriate impression. This can be British armed forces, American special forces, historical such as WW2 or Vietnam era or PMC (Private Military Contractor) load outs etc.

Airsoft guns fire 6mm plastic ‘balls’ known as BB’s. The guns are realistic imitation firearms and propel the BB using either compressed air, gas or a mechanical gearbox driving a piston. These guns cannot in anyway be converted to fire real ammunition. The guns will be 1:1 scale replicas of real world weapons e.g. AK47, M16, SA80 etc. Unlike paintball markers, these guns will fire in either semi- automatic or fully automatic modes. Some even have a burst fire capability.

Players will often carry a primary weapon such as an assault rifle, several magazines of BB’s and a smaller backup weapon, usually a pistol.

Players often choose an impression to play and over time acquire the appropriate weapons, clothing and tactical equipment.

Games may range from 20 minutes to 2 days in duration and will require each team to complete a set of missions which may be one of or a combination of the following; Patrol the border, capture an important person, assassinate the opposition leader, capture key strategic objectives, plant bombs in key places etc. The winning side is usually the one that works best as a team, has the best communications and focuses on completing their objectives whilst trying to stop the opposition from completing theirs.

Games are often themed, so a game day may be set in WW2, Vietnam, Afghanistan or Europe during the cold war or be based on any film or military engagement in history.

At Fireball we offer the opportunity for first time players and seasoned players with years of experience to play together. All of our woodland game days are based on a theme with games usually lasting all day with a break for lunch.

Fireball Squadron Airsoft Club Intro Video from Bazinga Films on Vimeo.