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Safety Brief


1. In the event of fire players should make the Commander/ Marshal aware of its location and deal with it if it is safe to do so.
2. This type of alert may be caused by Smoke Grenades. Players are asked to check on any spent smoke grenades should they flare.
3. In the event of a major FIRE Hazard the Marshals MUST be alerted. An Air Raid siren will sound and all players must evacuate the site by the safest route in order to assemble in the Main Field opposite.
4. Players not accounted for should be reported to the Marshal in the assembly area. A role call will take place using the reception register.
5. No SMOKING in the Game Zone or club hut. Those who do smoke are asked to ensure that they dispose of cigarette ends in a responsible manner.


6. Players requiring First Aid or antiseptic wipes should speak to Reception
7. Players are asked to use the Safe Zone range to fire off or test guns.
8. It is possible that we will take Photos or receive requests from visiting players to take photos during the games. Permission to take photos can only be given by the Chief Marshal. Photographers will be issued with an Orange Hi-Vis jacket.

Player Safety

9. We strongly advise full face protection for all players.
10. Do not remove Face Protection whilst in the Game Zone.
11. Prior to entering the SAFE ZONE players MUST. Remove Mags from guns, discharge unspent rounds into the ground, place gun on safety. Pistols need only be holstered with the safety ON.
12. Player are asked not to throw themselves off of / into / out of, any bush, tree, obstacle, building or structure in a manner that may cause them or any other player to be injured.
13. Players are asked to be aware of the Rabbit warrens to the back of the Pipeline, Fuel Dump and Area 51. These can collapse when running over them, so please avoid them whenever you need to move fast along this part of the site. 
14. Other than water in Platypus packs, no drinks or food should be taken into the game zone and containers or wrappers MUST NOT be discarded in the Game Zone.
15. Please dispose of your litter in the Bags or Bins provided. Gas canisters MUST be disposed of in the special ‘gas bin’ in the safe zone.
16. Old cell batteries can be placed in the recycling box at reception.
17. Chemical toilets and are checked throughout the day. Please leave them as you would wish to find them. Report any problems to reception. Biological hand gel is placed in each unit.
18. Gun limits are AEGs 328 fps. All guns must be Chrono’d and a current sticker placed on the gun. 
19. The game site does have boundaries and areas which are out of bounds. The fence is a clear marker and the area to the back of Fort Dunlop and the open area that borders onto the Border Control and Ho-Chi Min Trail is No mans’ land. It is a tree nursery and players must not use it to gain access to enemy. Black and yellow or Red and White tape are used to mark off areas that contain hazards.
20. Please do not try to move or rebuild any of the scenarios. Do not move items from one place to another.
21. You may shoot at or out of the new buildings on full auto, inside the buildings you for safety reasons only semi auto / single shot will be allowed. As soon as you reach the building or you or your weapon enter the building you must switch to single shot, you can suppress a doorway or window from a distance but standing outside a doorway or window and firing full auto into the building is not allowed.


22. A HIT is anywhere on the body including the head. However players are asked to avoid headshots whenever possible. There is no courtesy rule.
23. All and any complaints about any player not taking hits MUST be made to the Marshal with a clear indication of who the offending player is. The Marshal will take action in accordance with standard Fireball procedures.
24. Fireball operates a 3 strike rule 1st Warning Player will be taken aside and talked to about cheating / hit taking / aggressive behaviours. 2ndWarning Player will receive a public warning. 3rd Warning Off site, no refunds never to play at fire ball again. An exception to this is violence against any player, you WILL be thrown off site and the police WILL be informed.
25. Close quarter fire (0ft to 10ft) need only be 1or two shots to the body. There is no need to empty 200 rounds into a player you are stood next to.
26. Pyrotechnics must be those agreed for use by Fireball.
27. Blank fire grenades must be rolled, not thrown.