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A last minute rewrite of the game led to some fast and furious fighting over most of the site.

Yellows got off to a great start but soon the Red's organised themselves and took the morning

AM : Red's 18 - 4 Yellow's.

The afternoon was a different story...

Yellows again started strong, with Reds fighting back.

The second half of the afternoon went to the Reds, but the fight for the final objective was intense.

After 29 mins of Red control, Comms fell to the Yellows, had to ended like that, the afternoon would have been a draw between the two teams, however the Red's took Comms back with less than 20 seconds on the clock.

PM : Red's 30 - 10 Yellow's.

Overall the Red's had organised themselves better by blocking the Yellow's attempts to advance on the targets.

Final score : Red's 48 - 14 Yellow's


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