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Celebrating 25 years of Airsoft at Fireball Squadron in the West Midlands.


We will be holding a weekend game on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th August 2023 at Fireball Squadron Airsoft club, incorporating Fireball’s site and playing into the adjacent NPF Airsoft, Embassy and Vietnam village game areas, giving a huge playing area for the whole weekend.


As we celebrate 25 years of playing we would love to see some of the kit and guns that have been used over the years. So please turn up in your BHD, DPM, M81, Marpat, Desert, Nam, WW2, Western, Star Wars or whatever kit you fancy.


Games will be split into morning and afternoon sessions.


Written and run by Tipper and Whitty, there will be missions galore; side commanders, the "Jackal" will need to be hunted, bomb defusal, supply drops, mortar strikes, assault on the embassy, special tactical advantages to be bought in exchange for points accrued.......


Saturday games will take place over Fireball as well as the NPF Embassy and NPF Nam village areas.


Saturday early evening/dusk CQB game in & around the NPF Embassy building. Saturday evening social in The Winchester Saloon and Shane’s Café in Rock Ridge.


Sunday games once again over the whole area.


There will of course be a limited edition commemorative patch.

Pay in advance when booking to be sure to secure one.


Booking Options:


We appreciate that not everyone can commit to a full weekend, so we have options.


Saturday only - walk on- £30 pay on the day, normal game times apply. Leaving at 16:30.


Saturday + Saturday evening. (£40 pre-booking and payment required)


Saturday + Saturday evening + Sunday (£60 pre-booking and payment required)


Saturday evening + Sunday (£30 pre-booking and payment required)


Sunday only (full game day until 4pm) (£20 pre-booking and payment required)


Don’t forget to add £8 if you want a patch.


Payment can be made by secure card link (which I will send to you), or by PayPal (friends and family please) to:

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