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PMC forces took the initiative early on, however the UNF struck back and took control of 3 target structures AND the hacker in order to gain the advantage, PMC forces did rally themselves eventually but by then it was too late and UNF won the morning.

Both sides were evenly matched, but PMC forces chose to forego seizing valuable future locations in order to fight for gains in the present. UNF forces looked set to repeat their success from the morning, but a valiant last stand in Comms by PMC forces, with a strong Reapers and Scars presence held off a last minute attack by the UNF, leading to a points victory for the PMC, however at what cost? They will likely find themselves at a disadvantage later in the conflict due to abandoning the land grab objectives.

UNF forces were the overall victor due to their stranglehold in the morning.


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