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The game saw the UNF and PMC fight over money held by the drug lord, El Nelsoni.

The UNF were unhappy that they had not been paid and wanted to send a message to the notorious drug lord that they were in charge, not him.

Three of the four money cases were taken to the local bank where an IED was counting down to destroy them.

The PMC, with the help of locals, managed to get all the codes to defuse this bomb but they didn't manage to stop the money being destroyed and it went up in a pile of smoke.

The PMC had to exfill and moved to their allotted area however the UNF had other ideas and stopped the mercenaries from getting out of the area.

The afternoon saw the two factions battling over territory, with the PMC coming out on top and gaining the upper hand however, overall the day was seen to be a draw, neither side were dominant but that may change for the next meeting of the two groups.



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