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Code:Black Update

With the current situation in Ukraine, we feel that it would not be right to continue with the game setting for our Code Black games.

Although based in a fictional country, the game seems to bear some uncanny similarities to recent events.

We will be continuing the Code Black games, but based around a new fictional country on a different continent.


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Code:Black continues... UNF held the most territory in January, even though the PMC managed to destroy 3 of the 4 main drug caches. UNF start at Comms, they have control over the majority of the site

A small section of photos from yesterday's game have been added to the Photos page. For more photos, please visit the Fireball Squadron Facebook group.

The first chapter of the new Code Black games was played out today, the 7th January. The UNF and PMC came to blows again in the jungles of Elstonia, the new drugs capital of South America run by the

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