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WALK ON: 4th December 2021

Updated: Feb 5, 2022


The apocalypse everyone feared finally happened, no one is quite sure how long ago it was now, but society, as we know, has collapsed with over 90% of the population long dead.

Society is now made up of three groups…

The Elite had the money to afford nice luxurious underground bunkers which allowed them to keep their lavish lifestyle and be protected by top-level security.

The Preppers who well-prepped for this time, but they don't have the resources or protection the elite have.

The Scavengers, who are the lucky few that managed to fight their way into a bunker or survived by skill or dumb luck.

The Preppers and Scavengers often fight or compete for any resources they can find, often then passed onto the elite for a favour or other resources they need…

Even now the Elite still hold all the cards, but unknown to them, the Preppers and Scavengers are slowly building stocks and supplies, where they hope to overthrow the other two sides and make what's left of the world theirs…

This game is been run by Lourens Vorster and it features both the Preppers and the Scavengers fighting over resources to pass onto the Elite in exchange for firearms and ammo…

NOW, like all our walk on games we must stress you can wear what you want, but if you fancy dressing up for a Wasteland Apocalypse game then this is your chance, there is no right and no wrong, you just need to decide: are you a Prepper or a Scavenger!


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Christopher Jason Wray
Christopher Jason Wray
Nov 28, 2021

canna wait , going to be reyt good :)

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