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WALK ON: 5th February 2022

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

CODE:BLACK continues.

The current situation in Elstonia is worsening after the first reports of firefights breaking out earlier in the month.

The NATO backed PMC’s have captured the main town and are consolidating their position however we understand that their Ammo supplies are running low, holding this area has stopped the UNF from gaining reserves from over the border with Russia.

The UNF are said to be regrouping near the main communications station to the south of the embattled enclave.

Currently they have control over the satellite communications tower however reports are now coming in that during the firefight the satellite tower was heavily damaged resulting in a loss of signal to their main headquarters.

Sporadic gunfire has been heard in the area over the last few days meanwhile the NATO Secretary General and their Russian counterparts have remained silent with both denying that any involvement in the conflict is hearsay with the Russians threatening to walk out of talks that are scheduled due to “Western propaganda and lies”.



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