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WALK-ON GAME: 13th May 2023

IMPORTANT : Please read carefully!

Our games are usually run on the first Saturday of the month, which for May would normally be the 6th, however, not this month....

Message from Tin (Big Boss Man):

"Next month’s (MAY) game will be moved to the SECOND Saturday, which is Saturday 13th.

There will NOT be a game on the 6th.

Apparently King Charles is being Coronated or summat and some people will want to watch this.

We considered sending a letter to the palace to ask them to move the date as we have a game on that day, but with the Royal mail being what it is, the letter would probably not get there in time.

Cheers all."

So, there you have it, don't turn up on the 6th, we WON'T be there....

Turn up on the 13th, and we WILL be there!

You have been informed!



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