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Updated: Feb 6, 2022

The situation in Elstonia broke into fierce fighting on the 5th February which started with the NATO backed PMC forces requesting a supply drop.

This drop was initiated at 1030 hrs and was targeted at the local town under PMC control, however the target was missed, which caused the PMC forces to have to infiltrate UNF territory to take back the requested supplies.

Whilst the recovery mission was successful, it met with heavy resistance from the Russian backed UNF forces in the area.

The UNF were seen to be assaulting one main structure to obtain a hard drive which would enable them to call in reinforcements via the satellite link which was damaged in the previous exchanges from the last month. The UNF, although under immense pressure, obtained the drive and enabled the up-link.

Both sides gained heavy casualties during the morning, however both the PMC and the UNF consolidated their respective positions.

Intelligence reports advised that there was a lone KGB operative based in the embattled enclave with both sides trying to find this man, the PMC received further information that this man could provide vital intelligence which would help turn the tide of the war.

Whilst the UNF wanted him too, he would not be allowed to tell what he knew to the Nato backed forces.

During the afternoon, skirmishes broke out across the area with the PMC securing this high value target, who was then picked up by NATO intelligence agents.

It would seem that the NATO forces do have the upper hand at present, but the situation on the ground could change very quickly.



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