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Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Saturday the 8th January saw an escalation in the situation in Elstonia with the UNF and PMC factions facing off in a series of skirmishes in the war torn enclave.


During the morning fighting broke out at the main Town with both sides taking heavy casualties with the PMC force eventually forcing the UNF from the area.

The UNF counterattacked the small Outpost area just to the West of the town and were seen placing an IED in one of the buildings however a large force of PMC pushed into the area and managed to diffuse the device before it could be set off.

The UNF staged another counterattack on the Town and Outpost area with both sides then advancing and falling back as each met with heavy resistance.


Reports were received that both sides then proceeded to recon other areas of the enclave, potentially looking for something, however this is unclear at present.

Early in the afternoon both factions were resupplied with fierce fighting taking place near the main Communication station, for a short time the satellite feed was interrupted however we have now heard that this was reinstated to working order by the PMC.

Fighting has now tailed off, the PMC have taken advantage of the inclement weather to gain a foothold, they are currently occupying the main Town whilst the UNF were seen near the man Communication station near the end of the day.


The UN has called for calm from both sides but with the situation escalating the PMC and UNF are now consolidating their territory and preparing for the next assault...



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