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WALK ON 1/6/24

A Story as old as time, that is no story at all .

people of all ages ( 14 and older) will descend upon fireball airsoft in Sutton cold field for one reason only, maybe two at most 3 I can't see it being more then 8 reasons, any way that reason is AIRSOFT!!!!!! for fun, for friends, to test ones self without being in any real danger like fighting a bunch of surprise Bees that make you stand still for a minute till someone can "heal" you or you walk away and find someone after 2 minutes

This game has it all, suspense "am I about to get shot" Joy "They missed" sadness "I've been hit" and romance "love the outfit" so come down and enjoy what people are saying is going to be the best airsoft game at this site on this date,

come in your best gear, whatever style you like no rules ( not nude we still have to abide by the Indecent exposure under s.66 Sexual Offences Act: )

we'll see you there


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