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WALK-ON: 5th March 2022

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

With the current situation in Elstonia now under control by the NATO backed PMC forces there are hopes that diplomatic measures will cease all fighting in the area allowing the UN to oversee any issues that may arise.

The PMC now hold the area between the border with Russia and Elstonia, and whilst tense, there seems to be calm in the area with no sign of the UNF forces.

The airspace above is now open for commercial airlines to have safe passage and it looks like there is an end in sight to which the world has responded with a collective sigh of relief.

There seems to be no sign of any Russian build up at the border between Russia and Elstonia, however the re-routing of some commercial Russian flights is causing some concern due to no pre-flight planning, however the NATO commander in the area advises this is no real cause for concern.



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