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WALK ON: 8th January 2022

Updated: Feb 5, 2022


Mark your calendars for the first game of 2022!


Elstonia, a small enclave located near the border with Estonia and Russia.


The area has been quiet and peaceful for as long as the population can remember, not much happens in Elstonia.

Over the border NATO has had a presence in Estonia for many years, using the area to hone its battle skills along with the Estonian Military. It is ideally suited for this as its close proximity to the border with Russia provides a show of strength. The politicians all agree that the presence of such a force is warranted with the tensions that are prevalent with Russia.

The CIA hold a small detachment in the military safe zone, they are there as part of NATO’s continuing operation to investigate any threat to the enclave and have a small band of special operators working alongside the locals to win over hearts and minds.

Battle hardened and counterintelligence trained this team is ideally suited to watch over the area. The NATO troops are a mixed bunch, some from the UK Military, some from the USA and other allegiance countries. This multinational force is preferred by the politicians instead of a deployment by a single member state, as NATO do not want to be seen to be the aggressor.

The forces in the area are designated as PMC, Private Military Contractors.

The Russians... well, they are watching...

No one really knows why they are slowly building up their assets.

The Kremlin advises it’s a normal exercise, however NATO commanders know it’s a “stay off our grass” posture, there is no intelligence to advise otherwise.

NATO and Russia watch over the enclave, each wondering what the other may or may not do...

Russia’s posturing in Ukraine and their continuing dealings in Europe with various poisoning attempts and political kidnappings has left the NATO commanders concerned about the future, but they are hesitant to rock the boat.

Russia can out-gun any NATO force sent against it, in some ways the Bear has the upper hand, don’t mess with them or face the consequences if you do.

The world is on tenterhooks but for now there is equilibrium along the border.

Russia is carrying out a Proxy War, they are there but not there and would deny any deployment.

The force that has been put in place are the so called UNF, United Nationalist Force.

This is a hard-line element of seasoned Spetznaz and under the radar operators. They are all hand picked from the ranks of the old guard. CCCP runs through their blood with the skills and training to overcome any obstacle and to achieve the results Moscow wants.

For now, it’s a watch and wait game, the rest of the world has forgotten about Elstonia. The pandemic has taken away all the attention from this area, and whilst the countries of the world come to grips with rising infection rates, some in Moscow see this as the perfect time to strike, after all who would notice?



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